10 Best xBox One and xBox 360 Steering Racing Wheels Reviews 2020- Buying Guide

Playing those addictive car racing games such as Forza Horizon or Project Cars on your xBox One or 360 can be fun all the way, but trying these games out with an xBox steering wheel rather than a regular console is nothing short of pure and undiluted gaming pleasure. It takes you from the “wow” phase to the “This is awesome!” phase.

As a game lover, using the best xBox one racing wheel allows you to be a part of the game as realistically as possible. Slowing down at every bump on the way and turning with a swerve while racing is fantastic and worth looking forward to. Let’s face it; it is something any gamer will want to try out. Whether you are familiar with its functions or not, we will help you sort out the best one.

What On Earth is xBox Racing Wheel?

Xbox Steering wheels are originally part of cars or ships, but they have been incorporated into the gaming world. A Xbox racing wheel, within the context of games, is utilized as a controller for racing games or other games that predominantly involve driving or movements. xBox users who are attuned to the use of a controller find it confusing when transitioning to the use of steering wheels; this could be because of the wide variety of Xbox racing wheels out there or the lack of understanding on how convenient a steering wheel is when in use.

An xBox 360 steering wheel gives you a natural feel of every motion when gaming, making the entire experience pleasurable and inviting. Getting a Xbox steering wheel that fits well can sometimes pose a challenge, so we are going to mention only the best steering wheels for Xbox 360 and Xbox One that are a match made for your games, which will give your next gaming experience a delightful lift.

These Xbox racing wheels we are about to review has gone through all the necessary and required checks from our end so that it can be recommended to you with an unwavering guarantee.

Best Xbox Steering Racing Wheels in Summary

Thrustmaster Ferrari Spider Racing Wheel Xbox One7.72 Pound
Microsoft Wireless Steering wheel Xbox 3601.15 Pound
Hori Racing WheelXbox One4.63 Pound
Thrustmaster Ferrari Racing WheelXbox 3607.94 Pound
Mad Catz Pro Wheel and PedalsXbox One27.4 Pound
Mad Catz Wireless Steering WheelXbox 3609.59 Pound
Thrustmaster Leather 28 GT Wheel Add-OnXbox One2.2 Pound
HORI Steering Wheel EX2Xbox 3604.25 Pound
Logitech Dual-motor Steering WheelXbox One4.96 Pound
Mbox Racing Steering WheelstandXbox 36013.1 Pound
Fanatec CSL Elite BundleXbox One32.7 Pound
Logitech G27 Racing WheelXbox 36018.18 Pound
Fanatec Forza Motorsport Racing Wheels and PedalsXbox One45.6 Pound
MC2 MicroCon Racing WheelXbox 3605.95 Pound
Thrustmaster VG TX Leather Edition Racing WheelXbox One22.9 Pound

Things to Consider Before Purchasing xBox One & xBox 360 Steering Racing Wheel


When buying a Xbox steering wheel, you should have in mind where and what games you intend using it for which will help you determine how far you should go in picking one. Some games such as the “Trials Fusion” wouldn’t warrant you opting for a very high-end Xbox steering wheel, something simple will do the job and give you the needed level of excitement. But for someone playing probably the latest “Need for Speed” game, every ounce of real turning and swerve will mean a lot of fun, and you can only get that from using a Xbox racing wheel with the highest tech options.

PC Compatibility:

If the compatibility of your PC with your Xbox steering wheel is of significant relevance to your purchase then you should take note when searching. Find out as much as you can about the products; it should be well stated out what and what not your Xbox steering wheel can be attached to while at play. Quality Xbox racing wheels that have been engineered from branded, well-known companies, which are reputable like the ones we have discussed above are mostly compatible with your PC and will rarely give any issues either in the short or long run. Problems of disconnections in the middle of a game are highly unlikely with these Xbox racing wheels.


Some steering wheels have features that enable them to switch between different levels or degrees conveniently, usually from around 90 to 900 degrees. Good features can be a vital asset to some racing games which involve a lot of maneuvering. The control of the Xbox racing wheel is also an important feature to look out for, quality Xbox steering wheels like those that have been previously examined come with calibrated controls that give different levels or degree increase while playing; this helps you maximize your excitement.

Pedal Feedback:

This is another important consideration when buying your Xbox steering wheel; some Xbox steering wheels are not manufactured in such a way that feedbacks are discerned when driving. You should bear this in mind to know exactly what to expect with what you buy. The Xbox racing wheels with feedbacks usually come at a higher cost than the other steering wheels which are simple in looks and design. The feedback from the pedals allows the player to feel the thrill from diverting and turning during a game, although this is not always compulsory and also depends on the choice of games.


It is not worth it to spend some amount of money on a Xbox racing wheel that would get worn out after a short period of usage or start giving issues immediately after purchase. The durability of a Xbox steering wheel is of high importance. Ensure you have the needed guarantee of acquisition which can be obtained by patronizing reliable sources that have gone extra miles to cross check and review their products.

Xbox One Steering Racing Wheels Reviews


Thrustmaster Ferrari Racing Wheel for xBox OneSo you are looking for a quality Xbox one steering wheel? What about getting one for less than $100? The Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 spider racing wheel is the coolest option for the budget conscious. This steering wheel doesn’t have a force-feedback and is incredibly versatile. It might not be the best you will get in the industry, but it’s one of the best for playing racing games at home. You do not have to invest in a wheel mount to make use of this steering wheel. The whole system comes with 1D-pad, 1 Xbox guide button, 1 manettino, and 1 Kinect pairing detection LED.

The spider 458 is 11 inches in diameter and makes up to 240 degrees in rotation, the two red rubber grips are textured to ensure optimum comfort in all situations. The wheel also features a bungee cord mechanism for linear resistance. Additionally, its sensitivity is completely adjustable for precise driving in all your games.  If you are looking for the ultimate experience in racing then you will have to give this steering wheel a serious consideration. Its footrest is wide with two pedal set that comes with adjustable pedal alignments. Besides, the wheel is designed for automatic centering which when coupled with other features makes you forget the flaws of its low price.


HORI Xbox One Racing WheelThis racing wheel is licensed by Microsoft which speaks volume about its quality. The HORI racing wheel for Xbox one is a greater option for starters like kids and other novices. The wheel is 8-inch in diameter and features a programmable button for easier customization. If you are a casual racer then this steering wheel has all the incredible specs and you need not fancy the high end offers. It comes at an outstanding price point and is designed to give immersive racing experience.

HORI is a company known for making inexpensive gaming controllers and on this one, they got the basic features on point. This wheel will give you a realistic driving experience thanks to its automatic centering, paddle shifters, and rubber grips. The analog foot pedals have a large base that enhances stability. The wheel is also lightweight and it feels comfortable in your hands even when it’s not mounted.

However, it good to mention that this wheel has software-implemented limitations which make the controller compatibility of the wheel not fit for all the Xbox one racing games. But based on its price, this wheel is good for all the features it brings on board; it delivers wonderful performance that truly overshadows its shortcomings.


Mad Catz Pro Steering Wheel for Xbox OneIf all you want is an incredible immersive racing experience, the mad Catz steering pro racing wheel represents a solid option for you. This Xbox one steering wheel is complimented by a great pedal system that delivers realistic racing simulation. The wheel is a top-quality construction that offers force feedback and it can easily be clamped onto a surface of your liking. It includes durable lap rests and an incredible mounting hardware that makes it easy to securely attach to desk, table or a racing simulation cockpit.

Mad Catz pro racing wheel is designed to be fully compatible with Xbox one. The steering wheel has a 2-way switch that makes it easier to adjust the rotation to either 900 or 270 degrees. Additionally, its pedals can be adjusted to nine different positions thereby guaranteeing total comfort when racing.  The wheel itself is fully adjustable to 4 positions of 14 degrees each. The steering wheel system is made of aluminum material, suede leather rims and metal paddles to increase durability.

It is upgradable thanks to its detachable wheel face which means you can attach better wheel rims in the future. Also, the internal firmware of the wheel can be upgraded through USB connected to a PC.


Thrustmaster TM Leather 28 GT Wheel Add-OnWhen you put the rim of this steering wheel into your palms you will instantly get the natural feeling of a real racing car steering wheel. Thrustmaster TM leather 28GT is a really flexible and comfortable wheel that delivers strong force feedback to your arms. The wheel structure completely emulates all automotive standards and ensures that you get the best out of its energy transfer. It features a polyurethane molding that gives enhanced comfort and a more flexible touch. In addition, its internal hoop features a steel construction that ensures incredible transmission of all driving sensations and exceptional feedback effects.

The rim is lightweight since it’s built with only metal and leather. This ensures that all the energy generated during wheel vibration is sent right to your hands. The brushed chrome center column features 6 buttons which are clearly identified. The rotary switch has 3 positions and features a multi-functional D-pad and a push button at the center. The button layout and placement is fascinating and is designed for easier access with the thumbs, when this is coupled with the multi-directional D-pad it makes the steering wheel very easy to use. The sequential paddles shifter is made of thick brushed metal with an elegant metallic finish. The spring system is realistic and whenever you engage the shifters it clicks nicely.


Logitech Dual-motor xBox One Steering WheelIf you are an avid racer, the Logitech G920 Xbox one steering wheel is a concrete option to help you get the best out of the latest racing games. The wheel delivers realistic steering and is regarded as one of the best mid-high end steering wheels. This Logitech model is fully adapted for all the latest car racing titles and it’s easy to see why it’s preferred by avid gamers.

The wheel is made of genuine hand stitched leather and comes with 3 pedals (brake, fuel, and clutch) which are all made of stainless steel. The wheel system delivers dual motor force feedback that helps simulate car racing with quiet and smooth helical gearing. Other features include an easily accessible on-wheel controls and D-pads and a semi-automatic paddle shifter for easier control of the game. What more could you ask for in a steering wheel?

The wheel itself is D-shaped and it delivers a smooth and quiet force feedback besides maintaining a little tightness to enhance control. The wheel has a 900-degree rotation and can be turned to up to 2.5 times, just like a real car.

The brake pedal has a non-linear rubber mod which is reminiscent of the one that stimulates progressive brake system of a real car. The pedal face is adjustable for enhanced heal-toe maneuverability.


Fanatec CSL Elite Bundle for Xbox One & PCAlthough most of you might already know that Fanatec is among the most expensive brands, you will be surprised by the low price tag of this particular model. Besides its low price tag, there are also other features which will attract you such as the power of its Force Feedback and the detailed construction. Not only do you get to enjoy this steering wheel with Xbox One but also PS4 and even your PC. The wheel base can be used with all steering wheels from CubSport and houses a strong servo motor with single belt drive for producing an ultra-fast Force Feedback to ensure that your performance is not affected in the game.

The heavy-duty steering wheel that is mounted on top of the base is 30 cm in diameter and allows fast movements. It also includes a screen in the center to adjust different parameters conveniently. The CSL Elite pedals included with the unit allow superior control. The acceleration and the brake pedals are at just the right angle and with exactly the right degree of sensitivity producing a movement just the way you want. The superior all-metal design of the pedals makes it stable and durable.


Fanatec Forza Motorsport Racing Wheels and Pedals for Xbox OneIf budget is not something that concerns you and you simply want a steering wheel that gives a sublime experience, this is the wheel for you. It is constructed to mimic the actions of the steering wheel of an actual sports car to bring the truest racing experience ever. The ClubSport wheel base V2.5 might probably be the best in the market with brushless servo motor which provides an incredibly strong Force Feedback and extremely quick acceleration leaving absolutely no dead spots to hinder your performance. Besides this, it is made with the highest quality CNC machined aluminum which will last you years without a problem.

If we talk about the wheel, the Forza Motorsport is among the finest in the market with a diameter of 33 cm and the rim constructed with anodized aluminum covered with leather. What makes it even more unique is the endless customization it offers with the controls. You can use as many buttons from the ones available on the Universal Hub and position them wherever you want to. You can even place additional buttons on the hub. The pedal set for acceleration, brake and an additional clutch is just as good with full metal construction, adjustability and highly responsive performance.


Thrustmaster VG TX Leather Edition Xbox One Racing WheelThis is a complete set compatible with Xbox one as well as your PC which includes besides it detachable, 11 inch steering wheel, a TX servo base and also a 3-pedal set. The racing wheel is covered with hand-stitched leather of the highest quality. Besides the luxurious and comfortable feel that the wheel provides, the console also offers a range of attractive features with pedal shifters, control buttons and a multi-directional D-Pad. It also has the ability to rotate at any angle up to 900 degrees.

This wheel mounts onto a base which includes a professional standard servomotor to deliver a strong force feedback for as realistic an experience as possible. Furthermore the dual-belt operation of the motor ensures the smoothest and the quietest experience you could possibly imagine. Additionally, the 3-pedal set with gas, brake and clutch is built entirely out of metal for enhanced durability and is completely adjustable to your style. This Xbox One steering wheel by Thrustmaster is overall a good mid-range option if you are looking for a realistic racing experience.

Xbox 360 Steering Racing Wheels Reviews


Microsoft wireless Racing wheel for Xbox 360The Xbox 360 wheel is the ideal gadget a modern racing gamer should invest in. This Xbox 360 steering wheel delivers incredible performance and makes the game more immersive, realistic, and believable. The pedal setup and full-scale wheel add clutter to an average living room, and it’s the dream of every gamer to have a convenient wireless controller. Whether you are a novice or a pro racing gamer you truly love the new Xbox 360 wireless speed wheel.

This is a little U-shaped controller that is more like an airplane cockpit gadget than a steering wheel. The 4 Xbox 360 face buttons are featured on the right-hand of the wheel. An analog trigger is also featured on the rear of the right-hand. The left-hand of the wheel has a matching left trigger and D-pad. The circular rocker surrounding the central Xbox button features the back and start buttons.

An accelerometer is used to senses the rotation of this wireless wheel, the device only senses horizontal movements. This ensures accurate steering and gives you the opportunity to keep your car in perfect control. This steering wheel is compatible with almost all your favorite car racing games making it the best options for pro gamers. However, you must consider its limited functionality in a number of games before splashing the cash.


Thrustmaster Ferrari Xbox 360 Racing WheelThis is a one-of-its-kind racing steering wheel. Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 is the first in the world to acquire licenses from both Ferrari and Microsoft Xbox 360. This is a super reliable and budget friendly steering wheel that provides excellent stability in all situations.  The wheel has a Scuderia black design which is elegantly finished by the pedals. This wheel is a replica of the steering wheel featured on the latest star vehicle of the Forza motorsport 4. It is made with a rubble texture cladding that guarantees optimal handling in all your favorite racing titles. The comfort and control accorded by this wheel will ensure incredible progress and consistent improvement on your lap times.

Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 has a 270-degree rotation and being 11 inches in diameter, makes it a great deal. The wheel is incredibly lightweight and has a polished rubber cover for non-sweaty and permanently steady touch. The paddles are designed in reminiscence to GT sports and they are highly responsive and stylish. The wheel features 8 digital action buttons that are evenly placed. The buttons are vividly displayed and programmable. There is an Xbox 360 direct guide and engine start button which make this wheel a solid option for real gamers.


Mad Catz Wireless Xbox 360 Steering wheelIn terms of quality and performance, this Xbox 360 steering wheel falls between the Microsoft wireless wheel and the Fanatec CSR wheel. The mad Catz Xbox 360 wireless wheel is designed for Forza Motorsport 4 and does a great job in delivering a realistic racing experience. When fully immersed in the race you will truly enjoy the grip offered by the full rubber grips points. They ensure you never lose control of the game, thereby providing optimal enjoyment.

When you are cornering any vehicle you will experience the full energy of the force feedback which is very consistent. The design of this wheel with unique ergonomics makes it a proven winner and it features all the buttons you would want on a standard Xbox 360 wheel. The Xbox guide button is featured below the back and start buttons for extra convenience and access. The wheel system features two analog pedals (gas and brakes) which are set with a detachable foot rest. Whether you are a left handed or a right handed driver you will enjoy your gaming thanks to the interchangeable gear shift. The wireless connectivity of this wheel is really strong and offers an incredible lag-free response. This gives you the freedom to play the game anywhere in your room up to 12 meters away and still enjoy the racing.

12. HORI Xbox 360 Steering Wheel EX2

HORI Xbox 360 Steering Wheel EX2HORI Xbox 360 racing wheel XE2 is a great steering wheel that is significantly cheap. If you are a beginner trying to learn the skills on simulated tracks, this a solid option for you. Unlike other low-end wheels, this one is fully equipped with all the basic feature and controllers found on more expensive options. One fascinating feature about the wheel is its easy grip which ensures maximum stability even when in the heat of the race. You will also have the freedom to use buttons for breaks and acceleration and switching between the buttons and the foot pedal is incredibly easy.

It has excellent rumble capability which heightens the realism of the game. Whenever you smash against other cars or make hard turns, the steering wheel vibrates perfectly making you feel fully immersed in the race. The wheel itself is covered with non-slip material for a stable and secure grip when racing. This ensures that you never lose your grip even when the game is exhilarating. The wheel system has two pedals (gas and brakes) that are designed to be extra sensitive. You require minimal force to stop or accelerate. However, this is not the wheel for serious racer simply because of its wired connectivity.


Mbox Racing Steering Wheelstand for the XBox 360If you are willing to splash the cash on a serious piece of racing kit, you better invest in the Xbox 360 racing wheel. The Mad Catz wireless force feedback racing wheel is superb and gives you the chance to experience another level of gaming. The wheel has a quality built and delivers exceptional gaming performance in all situations. This racing wheel provides realistic resistance which is as natural as the one you would expect in a real car. Its reaction to what is happening on the racetrack is just magnificent as it allows you to stay in tune with the racing roads.

The vibration technology used keeps you immersed in the game as you feel it perfect whenever the car changes terrain or get damaged. This enhances realism and makes the game more enjoyable especially when you race on the trade paint or track edge. This racing wheel is also future-proof thanks to the convenient USB-up-gradable firmware. You just connect this racing wheel to the PC and download all the updates for its firmware.

One fascinating feature of this racing wheel is its powerful wireless connectivity which has a 40 feet range. This ensures that wherever you are playing the game from in your room it will be lag-free hence super enjoyable. The pedal set has a non-slip surface feature to ensure that the set stays in place even when the games get intense.


Logitech G27 Racing Wheels for Xbox 360Logitech is not a new name in the electronics market since it has been producing equipment for PC and Xbox for a long time. This racing wheel model from Logitech is compatible with both Xbox One and Xbox 360 platforms and is among the favorites of customers. The unit is not simply a racing wheel but a complete set including pedals and gear shift. The combined performance of all the three devices provides a racing experience which is difficult to attain through most of the other racing wheels. The force feedback produced by its dual motor system with helical gearing produces a speedy, smooth and quiet operation.

Furthermore the gear shift which is included in the unit allows you to shift between 6 levels of speeds besides the push down gear for reverse. These shifts allow you to choose conveniently just the gear you want. There are LEDs integrated into the gear shift as well to let the user know when a gear shift is required. The heart of the unit, or the steering wheel, is 11 inches in diameter and covered with premium quality leather to produce a realistic feel. As for the pedals, they are made with steel and allow instant adjustments for gas, break and clutch for a realistic experience.

15. Xbox 360 MC2 MicroCon Racing Wheel

Xbox 360 MC2 MicroCon Racing WheelIf you want a good Xbox 360 racing wheel which does not empty your bank, MC2 360 is probably the best option. It’s highly convenient to use, performs up to standard and the best things is that it does all that together with being affordable. The design is pretty much the same as that which was used in the last generation of MC2 wheels probably because it was such a big hit among users.

It does not use an external power source since it gets its power from the USB cable which is especially a benefit since you will require fewer plug ins. You can place the wheel on your lap using the leg support or mount it on the table top using suction cups at its base and let the experience begin! The wheel will include a set of 10 buttons for a variety of convenient control options while the pedals are reinforced with rubber feet to prevent them from sliding on the ground. However, in reality these rubber feet will not always work when you apply pressure on the pedals so you can expect some sliding. The wheel can rotate up to 270 degrees and responds quite instantly. Overall it is a great entry-level wheel at an affordable price.

Why should you purchase an Xbox Steering Racing Wheel?

An important question you might ask yourself before going ahead and purchasing an Xbox steering wheel is the reason for doing so in the first place. Do you actually need a steering wheel to play video games? Can’t you use your usual joystick or gaming pad for playing racing games on Xbox 360? The answer isn’t so straightforward. Of course a joystick or a gaming pad works perfectly for racing games as well just like they do for all the rest of the video games that you play on your Xbox 360. Steering wheels, however, have recently arrived in the gaming world for enhancing your experience with racing games.

Real racing experience:

Of course why else would you be playing racing games, if it wasn’t for the speed and the thrill that comes with it? Wouldn’t you appreciate a little more thrill, in fact a lot more, with the screeching of gears, putting your entire weight on the palm of your hands for taking a sharp turn or hitting the accelerator for rocketing your car ahead leaving all others behind? Thankfully, you do not need an actual racing car to experience all of these feelings. You can feed your cravings for speed just by investing in one of those latest steering wheels that are now available for Xbox 360.

Greater comfort:

Besides the close-to-real driving experience that a steering wheel guarantees, it also is much comfortable to use than other controllers especially for the case of racing games. In contrast to a gaming pad, where all the energy comes from your hands which is going to stress you out very soon, a steering wheel distributes some of that energy along the length of your arms as well. If you position the pedals and the wheel properly just like it is in a real car and take a comfortable seat for yourself, spending long hours playing racing games wouldn’t be quite as stressful as it was before.

New challenge:

Aren’t you bored playing the same racing games and using the same tricks and techniques which you have been for so long? It about time you give yourself a new challenge! Mastering the use of a steering wheel is an exciting challenge to add some more enjoyment and thrill to your gaming experience. Once you have mastered this new skill, you will find out all you can do with this new device. For the experts, it provides greater control of the game than the other controllers.

There might be even greater advantages associated with the use of an Xbox steering wheel which you are going to have to find out with self experience. We can assure you that you will love this new device more than any other gaming controller that you have ever used.

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