What are the Pros and Cons of Waist Training?

You might be wondering what the benefits of waist training are if you are interested. What are the side effects of waist training? Consumer Stuf believes honesty is the best policy. We have collected some of the benefits and side effects of corseting to help you decide if it’s right. You can contact one of our corset specialists right now for more information or if you have any questions about corseting and waist training.

Pros of waist training

#1: A Hourglass Figure. Your corset can change your waist shape over time. This will help you achieve an hourglass figure with consistency. The corset that is right for you will make a big difference in your waistline. Most people notice a decrease of at least 3 inches.

#2: Improved posture instantly. To reap the benefits, you don’t have to be a seasoned waist trainer. Your shoulders will be straighter and not hunched forward when you are laced up. Also, your lower back will appreciate the extra support. Corsets are often reported to relieve back pain.

#3: Confidence! We couldn’t agree with you more. Many people claim that their corset is a layer of armor they can wear throughout the day. We think that a corset can give you an extra boost of confidence, whether you attribute it to your better posture and commanding respect or the way your clothes fit in the corset.

#4: Weight Loss. Your waist training corset can be used as an external lap band for portion control by being laced at a comfortable level. Contrary to popular belief, you will not be able to eat or drink as much in one sitting when your corset is laced. Whatever your goals may be, we recommend eating a balanced diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables.

Cons of waist training

#1: It takes some practice. As with most things in life it takes time to become a professional at waist training. It can be daunting to learn how to properly lace your pants and find the right waist trainer. We’re here to make it as easy as possible. You can also find support and encouragement in our friendly Facebook group from fellow waist trainers and experts.

#2: Corsets can make your body hot. You’ll be sexy and you’ll notice that your body is warmer if you have a corset. A mesh corset will keep you cool, as well as a bamboo seamless corset liner.

#3: You can lose your core muscles. Your core muscles can become weaker if your corset is worn so often it’s laced up every day and you don’t exercise. For the best and most noticeable results, we recommend that waist training be combined with healthy eating and exercise.

#4: If not used correctly, corsets can cause discomfort. A corset that is uncomfortable almost always results from:

  • Too tight, too quickly
  • Don’t wear the wrong style or size for your body.
  • Listening to your body is not enough
  • All the above
  • Are corsets and waist trainers good for you?


Even the most healthy practices can be dangerous. Although waist training isn’t necessarily bad, if you don’t pay attention to your body or wear the wrong corset, you could cause harm.

Many people we talk to each week say that an uncomfortable corset is often the result of using a small corset to get results faster. To give your waist definition and shape, corsets for waist training have many steel bones. They are meant to fit certain parts of your body perfectly. However, a corset that is too small will force your flat back bones to rest at your sides.

Your body will not tolerate discomfort from corseting. Any signs of pain or discomfort should be taken as a sign that you aren’t ready to stop. You can loosen your corset to reduce discomfort or pain. If this doesn’t help, you can remove your corset completely and reach out to our team for a fitting assessment.

A corset is safe if you are the right size and style for you and you practice safe and sound corsetry methods.

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