6 Best Treadmills Reviews 2021

Sweating, breathing heavily and conquering the last climb with the last of your strength – those who train their bodies regularly are familiar with this scenario. But in autumn or winter, cold , rain or even snow often prevent physical activity. When the temperature is below zero, many people pull the rip cord. Regardless of age, they prefer to sit on the sofa at home than torment themselves outdoors. How good would it be to do the training within your own four walls. This is where treadmills come in. They save going outside and enable sport even in winter. In addition, the joints are spared compared to jogging over uneven terrain.

But which treadmill is suitable? The following comparison shows 10 current devices. The focus of the considerations is on the features and characteristics of the treadmills. The following guide explains how a treadmill works and how the individual models differ from each other. In addition, there are tips for training on a treadmill and for cleaning and setting up such fitness equipment.

1. LETIX SPORTS SpeedrunnerPro – electric treadmill including chest strap for heart rate measurement

The LETIX SPORTS SpeedrunnerPro is an electric treadmill. It is black and has a motor power of 500 watts. The 28 weight treadmill can be loaded with a maximum weight of 120 kilograms. The rollers on this fitness machine ensure that the treadmill can be moved easily. There is also the option of folding the treadmill up after home training. This foldable model can be used almost anywhere in the home.

What is an electric treadmill? Electric treadmills have a motor. This drives the tread. Anyone who uses such sports equipment can adjust the speed as required. In addition, many electric models are provided with several pre-set training programs. More information about the electric treadmills is available in the guide.

Further equipment features of the LETIX-SPORTS treadmill are the running surface and the LC display. The running surface is vibration-dampened and 92.5 x 35.5 centimeters in size. The LCD shows various data such as speed, calorie consumption and time. The model also has touch controls that can be used to set the speed he follows. This succeeds in stages or steps. The maximum speed for this belt is 10 kilometers per hour.

A Bluetooth heart rate belt is included with the treadmill. The user can tie this around his chest. The chest strap is used to monitor the pulse.

In addition, the LETIX SPORTS model has twelve pre-installed training programs and three angles of inclination. Depending on requirements, the user can set an inclination angle of 10 degrees, 12 degrees or 15 degrees. The electric treadmill is also equipped with an emergency stop safety switch. Other features include:

DC motor: The fitness machine has a brushless DC electric motor. According to the manufacturer, operation is possible thanks to it without any problems. Due to the lack of friction, the device should run quietly and offer a long service life.

Tablet holder: The user can place a smartphone or tablet PCon the tablet holder during training.

Bluetooth: The LETIX SPORTS treadmill is equipped with a Bluetooth interface. Thanks to it, the connection between the fitness device and a compatible smartphone or tablet is possible. After downloading the iFitShow app, it is possible to view and document the training data on the mobile device.

2. MIWEBA SPORTS SlimWalk S200 – electric treadmill with three zones

Anyone who has been looking for a treadmill that fits into their own living environment in vain should take a look at the MIWEBA SPORTS SlimWalk S200 treadmill. This exercise bike is built very flat. Its features include, for example, the automatic start, which should make it easy to start training. Furthermore, the DC motor should ensure a smooth training process. It has an output of 350 watts. The continuous output is 0.5 HP.

With the help of the clear display, the user gets an overview of the heartbeat or heart rate, the distance covered and the walking speed. The tread is 120 x 46 centimeters. Depending on your physical condition, it is possible to reach top speeds of up to 8 kilometers per hour.

The running surface of the MIWEBA SPORTS treadmill is divided into three zones. This can be used to control acceleration, running speed and braking. This should enable individual treadmill training for beginners and advanced users.

The entry-level model weighs 28 kilograms. The manufacturer emphasizes the compact and light construction, the comfort and the powerful motor of the SlimWalk S200. Accordingly, the model has a sophisticated cooling system that prevents overheating and ensures reliable performance. As MIWEBA indicates, the exercise bike has convinced the juries of various awards as an all-rounder. It won the red dot design award (German designer award) and the ISPO award in 2018.

3. FITIFITO ST100 treadmill with quiet motor and shock absorption system

The FITIFITO ST100 treadmill is designed in silver. It weighs 35 kilograms and has a 40 x 120 centimeter running surface with five layers. The amateur athlete sets the training speed for home sports using the remote control. The maximum speed is 12 kilometers per hour.

The FITIFITO model is equipped with a PM motor. It works at a low volume of up to 40 decibels. Its continuous output is 0.6 hp and its peak performance at 0.75 hp.
The fitness equipment is delivered in a completely pre-assembled state. The scope of delivery includes two handles. These can be installed if necessary. In addition, the treadmill has a folding mechanism. It is possible to fold up the foldable device after training and then store it under the sofa, for example. It is also possible to use the treadmill folded up.

Other features are the emergency stop system and the damping system. According to the manufacturer, the cushioning system is used to prevent injuries to joints or muscles. The FITIFITO treadmill is also equipped with a hi-fi loudspeaker . The user can connect it to their smartphone or tablet PC via Bluetooth.

What is an emergency stop function? A treadmill should be equipped with an emergency stop function. In order to benefit from the function, the user usually has to attach a magnetic switch to his clothing. For example, if the runner trips and falls, the emergency stop function ensures that the treadmill comes to a standstill. It minimizes the risk of injury.

4. MIWEBA SPORTS Home Track HT1000F incline – electric treadmill with safety key and four quick speed levels

The MIWEBA SPORTS Home Track HT1000F incline is an electric treadmill. It is white and has an LC display. The user can view various data such as the distance covered on the LCD. The running surface of the MIWEBA SPORTS model is 115 x 40 centimeters. The device can be loaded with a maximum user weight of 120 kilograms and weighs 46 kilograms.

It allows the speed to be adjusted in steps of 0.1 kilometers per hour – up to 16 kilometers per hour. In addition to the running speed, the user can set an incline angle. The model offers a choice between three levels. The maximum performance of the increase is 6 percent.

Additional features of the MIWEBA SPORTS treadmill include:

Four Quick-Speed ​​Levels: The four Quick-Speed ​​levels make it easier to accelerate the treadmill.
Hand pulse sensors: There are sensors in the handles of the model that allow pulse control during training.
Wide treads: According to the manufacturer, the fitness machine has wide treads. The user can stand on this, for example, if he wants to change the settings during running training.

Another feature is the safety key, which is provided with a clamp. The user can attach the clamp to his clothing. If the user suffers a cramp or stumbles and a loss of contact occurs as a result, the clamp slows down the treadmill.

In addition, the device has a tablet holder and a cup holder. In addition, it is provided with rollers, thanks to which the user can reposition the fitness equipment more easily. The MIWEBA SPORTS model has a USB port for charging a smartphone.

5. CITYSPORTS CS-WP2 – electric treadmill with Bluetooth speakers

The CITYSPORTS CS-WP2 treadmill is an electrical fitness device that, according to the provider, is ultra-thin. It has a maximum load capacity of 110 kilograms and is 134 x 59 x 12.5 centimeters in size. The power is 440 watts and the weight is 23.9 kilograms. The running belt area is 43 x 108 centimeters. Further equipment features are the transport wheels, which make it easier to move the device.

The treadmill is equipped with bluetooth speakers. The user can connect this to a Bluetooth device within seconds.

In addition, the model offers the option of speed adjust. You can do this with the help of the supplied remote control. The user can select a speed between one and 6 kilometers per hour. In addition to the remote control, there is silicone oil, a power cord, an Allen key and instructions included with the CITYSPORTS treadmill. In addition, the model is equipped with a child safety device.

6. MIWEBA SPORTS Hometrack HT500 treadmill with integrated cushioning

The MIWEBA SPORTS Hometrack HT500 treadmill is equipped with a motor that provides continuous output of 1.5 hp. It can withstand a body weight of a maximum of 120 kilograms. The model is equipped with a running deck measuring 120 x 42 centimeters and a safety key with a clamp. The safety key can minimize the risk of injury during training.

The MIWEBA SPORTS model is equipped with integrated vibration damping. Thanks to the cushioning system, the joints should be protected during training sessions on the treadmill.
Further equipment features are the twelve predefined running programs and the holder on which the user can place his smartphone or tablet PC. In addition, when using the MIWEBA SPORTS treadmill there is the option of setting a speed set between one and 14 kilometers per hour. Other features include the heart rate monitors, which are located on the handrails.

What are heart rate monitors? Many treadmills have heart rate monitors on the handrails. These so-called hand pulse sensors determine the pulse when the user touches the corresponding electrodes. Compared to heart rate belts, the heart rate monitors on the handrails usually measure the heart rate less precisely.

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