5 Best Trampolines Reviews 2021- Buying Guide

For the little dream of flying, young and old don’t necessarily have to get on a plane or a helicopter. A simple garden trampoline is enough to defy gravity for a few moments and to make children’s eyes shine in the apparent weightlessness. The best thing about it: The fun jumps in the air also challenge the body, coordination skills and mind. There is also an extra portion of tingling in the stomach.

In the following comparison of trampolines, the focus is on safety, in addition to many other aspects. In retail, consumers can quickly lose track of the hundreds of models of different quality. In our trampoline comparison we present 9 trampolines and their properties. In the following guide we explain which different types of trampolines there are, what to consider when buying and which safety aspects should be taken into account when jumping on a trampoline.

1. Garden trampoline jumper from Ultrasport with high quality jumping mat

The Ultrasport Jumper garden trampoline has an outer diameter of 305 centimeters. The manufacturer specifies the jumping area with a diameter of 264 centimeters. To prevent injuries, the net rods and the spring cover are padded. A safety net is designed to prevent jumpers big or small from falling off the jumping mat.

Ultrasport offers this model in numerous other sizes and colors. According to the manufacturer, the jumping mat consists of a particularly hard-wearing polypropylene fabric. It comes with a special UV coating that is supposed to prevent the material from suffering from UV radiation in summer, from becoming crumbly and giving way over time. Basically, the coating should extend the life of the powder-coated jumping mat.

From what age can children use a trampoline? Pediatricians advise that children should only be introduced to jumping on a garden trampoline slowly from the age of about 6 – and even then only under the supervision of an adult.

The ultrasport trampoline from our comparison is equipped with four double feet in L-shape, which should ensure a safe stand. The frame was hot-dip galvanized. The frame height of the jumper is 76 centimeters. The 64 coil springs, which are also hot-dip galvanized, ensure a perfect jumping experience. The safety net encloses the entire jumping area so that jumping children and adults cannot fall out of the trampoline. The trampoline has been tested by the TÜV Nord test center, has the GS mark and is certified according to EN71-14. It can be loaded with a maximum of 160 kilograms. All tools required for assembly are included in the scope of delivery.

What is the purpose of an edge cover on a trampoline? The jumping mat of a trampoline is stretched into the frame with springs or sturdy rubber bands. The edge cover hides the suspension of the jumping mat and prevents you from getting your feet between the springs or the rubber and injuring yourself while jumping.

2. Monzana garden trampoline with reinforced safety net and ladder

The Monzana garden trampoline comes as a complete set with a ladder for easier access, a safety net and a padded frame cover. The trampoline has an outer diameter of 183 centimeters. With a frame width of almost 30 centimeters, a jumping area of ​​around 153 centimeters can be assumed. Including the safety net, the trampoline is 2.01 meters high, the net itself measures 152 centimeters. The frame height is 49 centimeters.

Reinforced safety net: The Monzana garden trampoline comes with a close-meshed safety net which, according to the manufacturer, is made of particularly tear-resistant polyethylene. It is UV and weatherproof and attached to soft padded bars.
The polypropylene jumping mat is held in place by 30 galvanized steel springs. It should withstand a maximum load of 50 kilograms. A padded spring cover made of UV-resistant PVC, almost 30 centimeters wideis intended to protect non-corrosion-resistant springs from sweat and water and thus at the same time from dangerous corrosion. In addition, the cover should provide safety in the case of jumps in the area of ​​the springs for every jumping behavior.

The trampoline from our comparison is equipped with four W-shaped legs, which should ensure the safest stability. The legs are attached to the frame using T-joints, which increases the stability of the construction. The frame consists of hot-dip galvanized tubes with a thickness of 38 millimeters. A spring tensioner is included in the scope of delivery contain.

Should a trampoline be set up indoors? A garden trampoline is not suitable for indoor installation. The jumpers can be catapulted several meters into the air. With a normal ceiling height there is an acute risk of injury. There are small trampolines for the interior, but they are primarily used for fitness and hardly allow jumps up to ceiling height.

3. Kinetic Sports garden trampoline – complete outdoor set with good jumping properties

The Kinetic Sports garden trampoline has a maximum load capacity of 160 kilograms. However, the manufacturer explicitly points out that the trampoline should not be used by several people at the same time. The outside diameter of the trampoline is 275 centimeters, the manufacturer does not provide any information on the size of the jumping surface. The frame height is 76 centimeters. The four legs come in galvanized steel. The pipes should be robust and resistant to oxidation. They are mounted on the frame of the trampoline using connecting parts and are intended to ensure a solid and firm stand.

With jumping sheet made of PP mesh: The jumping sheet is made of PP mesh, which, according to the manufacturer, is particularly elastic. A reinforced double seam should provide the necessary stability. The jumping mat is tear-proof and UV-resistant.

The frame is made with UV-resistant PVC padded, covers the springs and an external safety net with padded net rods surrounds the entire trampoline. The net can be easily closed with a zipper. The trampoline including net and edge cover is GS-certified. The scope of delivery includes illustrated instructions in German. According to the manufacturer, the assembly should take about 60 to 90 minutes. The scope of delivery includes a tarpaulin to protect the jumping mat from rain, dirt and bad weather.

Which properties are important for the springs of the trampoline? In order to achieve the best possible jumping effect, both the number and the length of the springs are decisive. As a rule of thumb, the more springs there are and the longer they are, the higher jumps are possible. With regard to the service life of a trampoline spring, the thickness of the wire, the winding, the shape of the spring and the quality of the steel used are also important.

4. CZON SPORTS garden trampoline with conical springs

The CZON SPORTS garden trampoline has an outer diameter of 244 centimeters. Children and adolescents who use the trampoline should not weigh more than 60 kilograms. The jumping mat is suspended from 48 galvanized conical springs, each 140 millimeters long. The gold-colored finish is supposed to protect the feathers from rain and cold . The jumping sheet is made of PERMATRON fabric, which, according to the manufacturer, is particularly resistant and provides a pleasant spring feeling.

With conical springs: The springs are conical in shape and taper from both sides towards the center. This shape should improve the jumping dynamics.
The border of the CZON SPORTS trampoline from our comparison is covered with a reinforcement tape and eight rows of seams. It is attached to 16 elastic straps and completely covers the springs to avoid the risk of injury. On the outside of the upholstery, a close-meshed, 180 centimeter high safety net protects against accidents. The net can easily be attached and attached by hand and can be removed quickly and easily in bad weather. Access to the jumping area is secured with a zipper and a double clip.

What does GS-tested mean? The voluntary GS safety mark means that a product complies with both German and European safety standards. The mark officially approved by the German government has a higher priority than the CE mark, which is awarded without a recognized and independent testing and certification body.

6. Hop-Sport garden trampoline complete set – including ladder and weather tarpaulin

The Hop-Sport garden trampoline is supplied as a complete set. The steel frame is galvanized and should be stable and protected against deformation and damage even when the trampoline is used intensively. The trampoline is equipped with five U-shaped legs and can handle loads of up to 150 kilograms.

Very large jumping surface: the outside diameter of the trampoline is given as 490 centimeters. Children and young people can really let off steam on the opulent jumping surface with a diameter of 425 centimeters.

The heart of the trampoline are 100 galvanized steel springs with a thickness of 3 millimeters. The UV-resistant jumping mat is fixed to them. A 20 millimeter thick PVC layer covers the springs and is supposed to protect against injuries when jumping near the edge. At around 90 centimeters, the frame and jumping area are high above the ground compared to other trampolines. The additionally reinforced jumping net is another 180 centimeters high.

In addition to the trampoline, the scope of delivery includes a safety net, a ladder, five ground hooks, a weather tarpaulin and four different balls. Users can also use the floor hooks to fix the trampoline to the floor. The ground trampoline is equipped with a GS seal for tested safety. The seal expressly does not apply to the accessories.

What should you watch out for when choosing a space for the trampoline? The trampoline should be set up on a level surface on which it stands securely and does not tip over. The surface should be as firm and non-slip as possible so that the trampoline cannot sink in or slide away. If the trampoline is to be placed on the paved terrace or any other stone or asphalt surface, a rubber mat should be placed under it to protect the feet from scratches. Once the electroplating is damaged, the metal frame can rust.


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