14 Best Trampolines Reviews & Comprehensive Guide 2020

Trampolines used to be famous for its use as a means of having kids carry out their exercises, but that isn’t so these days. They are no more just a device that kids use in having their fun, although that is still an essential use for it. It is also widely used by adults as a means of exercise and an effective means of recreation which the elderly are usually advised to take part in. So finding the safe trampolines for sale out there is something that shouldn’t be taken with levity especially if you are a lover of sports or you engage in sports yourself.
Even as a parent who wants to get a trampoline for your kids, taking the time to find out the best trampoline could be a bit hectic or time-consuming for you, so we are going to go through all that right here. We will take off the burden of having to search through all the trampolines we have out there, and we will present you with only the best trampolines for sale. By the time you are done reading through our trampoline reviews, you should have no problem getting the perfect trampolines available right now.

What Are Trampolines Used For?

If you have always been confused about the correct use of a trampoline, then you should pay attention to this. Knowing all that it does is the first step to guiding you towards growing your interests and purchasing the best trampolines you can get.
Have you ever passed by a house and noticed children jumping happily on a flat surface with lots of poles holding it all together? Yes, that is a trampoline, or you might have seen it once or twice in a sports show or completion. A trampoline is equipment which is made up of a solid fabric evenly stretched over frames usually made of steel. The frames and the fabric are connected using springs, which in turn hold the trampoline firmly in place, giving room for jumping, bouncing, and tumbling depending on the size of the trampoline purchased. A trampoline needs to set well and be of good quality because of the safety of the people making use of it, and that is why buying the trampolines for sale is always advisable. A trampoline is also widely used as a major form of carrying out recreational activities and exercises. Let’s take a look at some of the specially handpicked trampolines you can go for right now.

Best Trampolines for Sale in Summary

NameWeight CapacityProduct WeightPrice
Stamina Folding Trampoline 250 lbs10 Pound
Little Tikes Trampoline100 lbs94 Pound
Stamina Oval Fitness Trampoline250 pound15 Pound
JumpSport Fitness Trampoline225 lbs21 Pound
Little Tikes Climb ‘N Slide Trampoline105 lbs42 lbs
Skywalker Trampoline with Safety Enclosure250 lbs230 Pound
JumpSport Folding Fitness Trampoline225 lbs22 Pound
Skywalker Oval Trampoline and Enclosure200 lbs164 Pound
ACON Air Sport TrampolineNo Limit532 Pound
Sportspower My First Trampoline220 lbs70 Pound
Pure Fun 14-Foot Trampoline350 lbs180 Pound
Zupapa TUV Approved Trampoline 375 lbs192 lbs
JumpSport Staged Bounce Basketball Trampoline240 lbs132 Pound
Springfree Trampoline330 pound306 Pound

Things to Consider before Purchasing Best Trampolines:


This is an important factor when purchasing your trampoline, knowing where exactly you intend putting it helps you have a mental picture of the size you should go for. The place should be free of anything that could pose any dangers while bouncing on the trampoline such as hard objects, furniture, or toys. The space should also be cleared and not hard, this is used as a safety measure just in case you bounce off the trampoline. The standard clearance measurement is two meters on all sides surrounding it and five meters over it.


There are a lot of shapes that a trampoline can come in, so you have to decide which will be best for you and your family. There are circular, rectangular, oval, and even octagonal shaped trampolines. Some people are of the opinion that the circular trampolines have more strength, but that isn’t actually the case. If you pick the size you want, you can always go for any of the available shapes.

Safety Nets:

If you are buying your trampoline for your kids, then this is an important feature it should have. The nets are usually built in to ensure the safety of the user so inspect it to ensure it is in place when mounting. It is usually placed inside the padding with the poles outside of it. This is done to make sure that there is no risk of hitting the poles even if there is a fall.

Weight Limit:

When you decide to buy your trampoline, make sure you know how many people will be making use of it regularly. This is important because most trampolines have their weight limits, so you need this to help you decide which one best suits your needs. A trampoline should support the weight of whoever jumps on it, so if you are going to be having multiple people using it at once, it should be able to support all weights simultaneously. Sometimes the specific weight tolerance capacity can be easily found in the manual of the trampoline for a better guide.


In most trampolines, the number and size of the springs used determines to a large extent the impact of the bounce it would produce. Longer springs used means it can tolerate a more substantial amount of bounce. In larger trampolines, a higher number of springs are used and this can relate to a higher and better bounce on the trampoline. Even in the case where a smaller trampoline has lots of springs, the bounce on it will still be quite high. So you should use this as a parameter in considering the kind of trampoline to purchase.


This is another necessary consideration if you are getting the trampoline for your kids. It makes it a lot easier for children to climb onto the trampoline without any hassle or stress. When making use of a ladder, you should ensure you take it off when not in use as children who are under the age of using a trampoline can get onto the trampoline when no one is in watching.


Straight to the point now, the health benefits of a best trampoline are but not limited to fighting off varicose veins, reducing body fat, increasing energy levels within the body, improving oxygen circulation within tissues which in turn strengthens the heart, aids body balance, and posture. It also helps to firm and tone the muscles, stimulates metabolism and improves the effect of other exercises.

Trampoline Reviews


Stamina Folding TrampolineThis 36 inch foldable mini trampoline on sale is not just for recreation and family time but will also provide excellent rebound training. Rebound training has countless benefits including improved circulation of oxygen, improved blood circulation, faster metabolism to keep your weight in check and enhanced muscle coordination.

Its foldable design and easy setup allows you to exercise comfortably at your home or even office. When it is not being used, you can easily detach the legs, fold it and store it away. This affordable trampoline does not compromise on quality and is constructed with strong and durable parts. It has a frame constructed with strong steel and a strong rebounding mat which is reinforced by 30 resistance bands. The bands have a safety pad over them so that the users do not get hurt even if they land on the bands. The product features 6 detachable legs made of steel, each of them having a rubber tip for improved support.

Maximum user weight: 250 lbs
Product Diameter: 36 inches
Product Weight: 14lbs


Little Tikes TrampolineIt is the best gift you could give to your toddler to have an enjoyable jumping experience and burn off their energy. While having a great time, they will additionally be developing balance, muscle coordination and overall body fitness. Designed for indoor use, you can set it up easily anywhere inside the house and move it to any room you want your kid to be.

Since it is specifically designed for kids, the product features a comparatively larger jumping surface for greater safety and stability. A handlebar is present to give support to the young athletes and push them even higher for an adventurous but safe experience. The trampoline has a durable construction with the combined strength of metal and plastic and is capable of enduring long hours of daily use by the toddler. The trampoline has 5 legs and non-metal bands to support the jumping surface that are hidden by thick padding to ensure the safety of your little one.

Maximum no. of kids: 1
Maximum user weight: 100 lbs
Jumping Area: 21.65 sq.ft


Stamina Oval Fitness TrampolineWith a unique oval rebounding surface, this trampoline helps you give an improved and enjoyable rebounding experience. It will give you a complete cardiovascular workout without putting any strain on your joints.

The oval surface is purposefully made wider than usual to provide with greater stability and a wider range of workouts. There is a visible blue border around the jumping mat so that you know that you are landing on the right spot. Elastic bands are present to hold the surface in place and offer the user with a heavy bounce. These bands are covered by a safety pad so that you may fall on top of the bands without feeling a thing.

Its compact and light weight design allows you to place in any convenient location in your home where you can stop for a few rebounds on a daily basis. This trampoline will mark the start of a healthy lifestyle for you.

Maximum user weight: 250 lbs
Dimensions of the product: 45” by 30” by 20”
Weight of the product: 15.4 lbs


JumpSport Fitness Trampoline - Quiet & Safe BounceA favorite among fitness professionals, this mini trampoline works great in a home or gym. It is reinforced by 30 bands of EnduroLast2 cords which give the strength and durability of metal but do not pose the rebounder any harm if he or she falls on them. It further provides a smooth and silent bounce so that you can even use it at night without disturbing anyone. It has a black frame with a Permatron jumping mat with a skirt to cover the cords. It provides the additional benefit of increasing the jumping area by 50%. Unlike most trampolines which have straight legs, this one offers arched legs to provide greater safety and stability while rebounding.

This trampoline offers you with the possibility of trying a variety of different rebound exercises to help you stay fit and even lose weight. Rebound exercises that it offers are beneficial for everyone whether they have weight loss issues or not. It lays a good impact on your heart, balance and coordination.

Maximum user weight: 225 lbs
Diameter of the product: 39”
Product weight: 21 lbs


Little Tikes Climb N Slide TrampolineThis high quality, durable trampoline will not only provide your kids with the fun of bouncing but will also offer them with the additional entertainment of climbing and sliding. It will keep them busy and active for hours. They can climb up from one side, jump for as long as they want, and then slide down the other side of the trampoline. While having a great time, they will also be benefiting their health through the excessive bouncing.

The trampoline has a 2 zipper enclosure and a padded protector which hides the springs to ensure a completely safe experience. For additional safety of your kids, all the exposed metal is carefully covered with safety foam. The frame is prepared with low molded plastic which is very durable just like all the other components of this trampoline making it suitable for outdoor use in your home.

Maximum user weight: 105 lbs
Maximum no. of children: 1
Product Weight: 86 lbs
Product Dimensions: 84” by 84” by 90”


Skywalker Trampoline with Safety EnclosureThis is one of the few square shaped trampolines present in the market which can be placed in a smaller area to give you the same amount of jumping area as those big circular trampolines. The square shape of the trampoline also gives it a more stable structure and a quality of bounce that matches with none of the other trampolines found for sale. It features a heavy duty, durable frame which is rust resistant making the trampoline an ideal choice for outdoor use. Since it is designed for use by kids (over 6 years of age) as well as grownups, special attention needs to be paid to the user’s safety. A safety enclosure with a zipper entrance makes it absolutely sure that the users will only come in contact with the jumping mat and not the springs or the frame. To double the safety, the springs are covered with safety padding.

Maximum user weight: 250 lbs
Product weight: 230 lbs
Product Dimensions: 156” by 156” by 113”


JumpSport Folding Fitness TrampolineThis fitness trampoline for sale is an excellent means of getting a complete body workout while having fun! What you will love most about it is its ability to fold easily in seconds so that you can store it or carry it to where ever you want to exercise. Despite of being lightweight for easy transportation, it has a stable and solid structure. With 30 bands of EnduroLast 3 cords, you get an unmatched smooth and quite bounce so that you can exercise anywhere you want, anytime you want without disturbing those around you. The cords additionally provide 3 tension settings which can easily be adjusted to customize your bounce.

Its 6 arched legs provide improved stability to the structure and can easily be detached for compact storage. The Permatron jumping surface has an extended skirt design to cover the cords and additionally increase the jumping area by 50%. Recommended by fitness experts and a preferred choice of many gyms, this folding trampoline is an excellent means of staying healthy and active.

Maximum user weight: 275 lbs
Product weight: 22 lbs
Diameter of the frame: 39”


Skywalker Oval Trampoline and Enclosure with Wind StakesThis oval shaped trampoline gives a safe and fun bouncing experience with its sturdy frame made with top quality steel and a safety enclosure which is available in different colors to choose from. The oval shape of the jumping mat gives you a wider space to bounce and also to try new tricks without compromising the safety even the least bit.

Its strong frame is constructed with galvanized steel with T sockets to connect the frame of the net enclosure to the frame of the trampoline. The net enclosure made with durable polyethylene material to protect it against UV rays, makes sure that the user stays within the jumping area without falling on the springs. The springs are covered with UV protected heavy padding for additional safety.  4 wind stakes made with galvanized steel are also included in the packing. All in all, this trampoline provides the quality of bouncing fun and durability that you have been hoping for.

Maximum User weight: 200 lbs
Product Weight: 133 lbs
Product Dimensions: 204” by 180” by 109”


ACON Air Sport Trampoline with Enclosure and LadderDesigned in Finland by a reputable and experienced manufacturer of trampolines, this is a product that will last through years of excessive bouncing without losing its looks or performance. With the highest quality construction, it can be used safely the whole year, through all weather conditions. It is the only trampoline on our list which does not give any weight restriction on an individual user. It is now available with a ladder to climb easily to the trampoline and also a safety enclosure which will ensure that the user stays within the safe jumping area. It uses a galvanized steel frame, 138 bands of strong springs, thick padding to cover the springs and a strong jumping surface to provide an unmatched jumping experience for kids as well as grownups. The company backs their product with a long 5 year warranty for all its parts.

Maximum user weight: no restrictions
Product weight: 510 lbs
Product Dimensions: 16’ L by 9’ W by 40” H


Sportspower My First TrampolineIt is one of the best sellers among recreational trampolines which any kid would simply love to use. Among many models created by Sportspower, this one stands out for the strong construction despite its small size. It is especially designed for children above 3 years of age with a bundle of additional safety features incorporated in the design, unlike the usual trampolines, to deliver a completely safe experience for the kids. With a low height, thick padding around the edges and a safety enclosure around its 84” jumping mat, you can leave your kids jumping all day inside the trampoline without worrying about them falling off it or hurting themselves. The durable and strong construction which uses galvanized steel for the frame and PE coating on enclosure net, foam and plastic allows you the freedom to install it indoors or even outdoors for being used all-year round without any damage or wearing. The weight limit, however, is 100 pounds which means you should not be letting more than one or two little kids in at a time. Overall, it makes an inexpensive toy for the kids to enjoy while also exercising their muscles for a healthy lifestyle.

Maximum user weight: 100 lbs

Dimensions of the product: 33” by 33” by 84”

Weight of the product: 70lbs


Pure Fun Dura-Bounce Outdoor TrampolineThis is a strong trampoline designed for use by both adults and kids and promises to deliver a great time. Not only does it fulfill this promise, it also helps keep the users healthy, active and fresh. Built for outdoor use, it is made with strong, rust-resistant, weather-resistant, steel frame with thick padding around the rails for safety of the users. Your safety is further ensured by the ASTM certification which comes with the unit declaring that the product is completely safe to use. The 6 U-shaped legs which the trampoline stands on additionally make the structure stable and strong for you to jump on without any worry. Furthermore, the product is also easy to assemble and does not require any professional assistance or tools to do so. The product will also come with a complete 2 year warranty to cover any damage to the material. In short, this trampoline is worth your consideration since it will make a great buy for the whole family to enjoy together.

Maximum user weight: 250 lbs

Dimensions of the product: 168” by 168” by 35”

Weight of the product: 131lbs


Zupapa TUV Approved TrampolineIf you want to provide your kids with an extra-safe but enjoyable environment to jump in, this trampoline by Zupapa can be just the perfect choice. Along with an enclosure net to cover the perimeter, it also has thick padding around the springs to ensure that the jumpers stay safely inside the jumping mat. You can easily assemble the trampoline on your own without requiring any outside help and let your kids enjoy this healthy activity instead of letting them play all day with video games. With the unbeatable strength and performance standards, Zupapa provides a long 10 year warranty on the frame and 2 year warranty on the jumping mat and padding. The mat and the padding are equipped with UV absorber to extend its life even more. It also comes with a pair of gloves and T spring pull tool so that you won’t have to go through the trouble of buying them separately when you want to assemble it or take it apart. Additionally, a rain cover is also included to protect the unit against the unforeseen weather conditions. This trampoline may be one of the best choices for your peace of mind if you are planning to buy one for your kids.

Maximum user weight: 375 lbs

Product weight: 215 lbs

Diameter of the frame: 159”


JumpSport Staged Bounce Basketball TrampolineThis trampoline provides more than an entertaining jumping ground. What’s most attractive about the trampoline is that it includes a basketball set as well. This makes it especially a favorite among basketball fans who can make their favorite sport even more entertaining by jumping as they shoot for the basket! Other than this unique feature included with the set, it also features its patented staged bounce for producing the perfect bounce. This feature makes use of half of the springs as soon as you make the jump and the other half of the springs are brought in motion half a second later. Not only will this feature bring about a better bounce but will also result in a smoother landing. Your safety is guaranteed by the patented ‘DD’ Sure-Lock system which prevents any fall-outs for the complete peace of mind of the parents. It will also include one of the longest warranties in the market which is 10 years for the frame and pole and 5 years for the spring and fabric so you can rest assured of its durability.

Maximum user weight: 230 lbs

Product weight: 137 lbs

Dimensions of the product: 72 x 8 x 19 inches


Springfree Trampoline With Basketball Hoop and LadderSpringfree has gone a step further in engineering practically the safest trampolines on the planet which are constructed without any spring and hard edges which could possibly hurt the users. The enclosure net is directly attached to the mat and the frame does not come anywhere near the jumping area. This keeps all the metal a safe distance away from your jumping arena. Other than they safety of the users, the manufacturers have also focused on the durability of the trampoline by using only the highest quality materials in its construction so that it can be used outdoors all year round whatever the weather conditions may be. The nest is UV resistant to withstand the sunlight and also found to be tear-resistant when put through the toughest of tests. The mat will produce a much better bounce than most trampolines in which impact is affected a great deal by the padding around the spring. Overall it is not just fun to jump on but also one of the safest trampolines in which you can even leave your kids out of sight for a while knowing that they are safe.

Maximum user weight: 220 lbs

Product weight: 306 lbs

Dimensions of the product: 157.5 x 110.2 x 157.5 inches

Why you should have a Trampoline:

If you’re still unconvinced if a trampoline is a worthy investment or not, here are some important reasons to buy it. They will definitely make up your mind:


With kids spending more and more time indoors with their phones and other electronic gadgets, what they need most in their daily routine is a little bit of activity. Trampoline is a fun activity which will motivate them to spend more time outdoors and get their muscles to use. Bouncing on the trampoline brings many of you muscles at the same time giving you many more physical benefits besides keeping you fit.


Many customers simply buy it because it’s so entertaining. A full-sized trampoline can be something that the entire family can enjoy together. You will find your kids spending hours in a row jumping on the trampoline without even realizing it.

Enjoyment for all ages:

Trampoline isn’t just a fun activity for the kids but it is an activity all age groups will enjoy. If you invest in a good quality trampoline, kids and parents can enjoy it together with the added bonus of staying fit.

Fun way to exercise:

If you exercise as part of your daily routine you would understand it can get monotonous sometimes. Bouncing up and down on a trampoline is not just many times more entertaining than your usual exercise routine but it can also help burn calories much faster than any other type of exercise.

Safety tips to follow while you are on a trampoline:

Although the best trampolines which you will find in the market are safe for you and your kids in every respect, you can still follow some additional safety tips while jumping on a trampoline to ensure further safety. Here are some useful tips for you:

Age and weight restrictions:

Although trampoline is a fun activity for everyone no matter what age group they are part of, children younger than 3 years shouldn’t be allowed on a regular trampoline. If you want toddlers to enjoy some jumping activity, you can always purchase a smaller trampoline which is specifically designed for use by toddlers.

Weight restrictions will be mentioned on the trampoline that you purchase. There will be a maximum weight that the trampoline can handle safely. Make sure that the users do not exceed this weight limit.

Safety enclosure:

Either purchase a trampoline which includes a safety enclosure with it or buy it separately. These safety enclosures are especially beneficial if the trampoline is being used by young kids since it ensures that the kids stay within the jumping mat and do not fall off the trampoline or hurt themselves in any case.

Setting up the trampoline:

Read the instruction manual and set the trampoline correctly and safely. Make sure that you set it up in an open area away from trees, poles, lamp posts or any similar objects which might be a danger for those jumping on the trampoline.

Take off jewelry:

Also make sure that whoever uses a trampoline is not wearing any jewelry. Jewelries may pierce your skin accidently while you are jumping on the trampoline so make sure you take off anything that might be dangerous for you before you get on it.

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