4 Best BackPack Reviews 2021

Even prehistoric humans used bag-like structures for transport, as scientists discovered during excavations. These original backpacks look quite similar even to today’s modern models. The backpack, a bag with two shoulder straps, was carried on the back then as it is today in order to comfortably transport heavy loads. In a backpack, the weight is distributed over the back and shoulders. You can carry a lot more this way, as you also have your hands free. On top of that, the backpack is even considered a fashion trend these days. Many well-known designers have backpacks in their collections.

However, not all rucksacks are created equal. There are, in some cases, considerable differences in the construction and design of the individual models. In our backpack comparison you will find backpacks from different manufacturers that we would like to introduce to you. In the advisory section, we will also show you what to look out for when buying a backpack and give you a few helpful tips on how to handle and care for the backpack.

1. Travelite Basics Backpack – unisex model with plenty of storage space

The backpack from the Travelite brand with the model name Basics could well be an option for you. It is a model with consistently very positive customer ratings, which is ideal for city trips or for cycling and hiking tours.

The Travelite Basics backpack is 45 centimeters high and has a capacity of 22 liters. This backpack is available for you to order in many different colors. The manufacturer has designed the models from the Basics series in such a way that you, the user, can easily access the individual subjects.
Also worth mentioning is the safety compartment, which is provided with a hidden zipper. An expensive laptop is in very good hands here and it is difficult for thieves. In order to maximize wearing comfort, the brand also relies on a breathable back wall. This means that the Travelite Basics backpack has all the requirements so that it is a perfect all-rounder for everyday life.

How does the backpack fit correctly? In order to be able to carry a backpack comfortably, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • The bag should be level with the shoulders at the top; Trekking and hiking backpacks with a lid pocket that exceed this height are an exception
  • The lower half of the backpack should end at the tailbone
  • A properly adjusted backpack only rests against the buttocks and shoulder blades; there is enough space in between to put a hand between them.

2. FJALLRAVEN Kånken 23510-519 backpack in many colors

With the Kånken model, the manufacturer FJALLRAVEN has created a backpack that is made of hard-wearing vinylon and has a zipper to open the entire main compartment. Other features of this backpack include the removable seat cushion, a small front pocket, shoulder straps and handles on the top. The FJALLRAVEN Kånken 23510-519 backpack is a classic and has been on the market since 1978.

Thanks to the large zip opening, the spacious main compartment is easy to pack. In the two flat side compartments and the zip pocket on the front you can stow all the things that should be available to you on the go. The seat cushion made of PE foam can be stored in the rear inner compartment when not in use. This prevents the contents of the backpack from being pushed through to the back.

The carrying system is simple, but very practical. It consists of handles on the top and narrow, adjustable shoulder straps. For your safety, the logo on the front is reflective. There is also an address label in the main compartment. Use a soft brush and lukewarm water to take care of the backpack.

What are the characteristics of an ergonomic backpack? A good adjustment of the backpack is only possible with ergonomic models, because only an ergonomically built backpack can be optimally adapted to your physique. Its well thought-out carrying systems and back parts can be individually adjusted so that they can be comfortably adapted to the back. The center of gravity of the rucksack should be as close to the body as possible and the spine should not pull back unnaturally when walking.

Ergonomic backpacks usually have a height-adjustable back section. Comfortable padding on the back also characterizes these models, which also have three differently adjustable and padded straps, namely shoulder straps, hip straps and chest straps. A load adjustment strap is also part of a good ergonomic backpack.

3. KAUKKO Professional HS-AP02-09-FBA backpack with laptop compartment

The KAUKKO Professional HS-AP02-09-FBA backpack is a hard-wearing and easy-care backpack model made from selected natural materials such as canvas or Oxford. Canvas is used, for example, in the manufacture of sailcloth in shipping, which speaks for the great robustness of this material. The nylon outer material has a water-repellent surface so that you can use the backpack in any weather. It is opened and closed using an integrated zip or magnetic closure system. Rust-free materials ensure the longevity of the closure.

The KAUKKO backpacks should be characterized among other things by a first-class workmanship. The typical stress points are always sewn twice. Thanks to its functionality, this backpack can also be used as a school backpack for students aged 10 and over. For example, a generous, well-padded rucksack back, which offers the child sufficient protection and comfort, speaks for this. The wide, padded shoulder straps, which you can easily adjust in length, are also very comfortable to carry.
The look and feel of the unisex backpack from KAUKKO is designed for older school children as well as for students and trainees. However, this model is also very popular in the leisure sector. The product details in the overview:

  • Made from a premium-class material: 840D and 900D twisted dobby fabric and nylon lining
  • Lots of compartments for storing items
  • Suitable for transporting 17-inch laptops / notebooks
  • Three small mesh compartments with zip in the front compartment
  • Equipped with an organizer

Why is a backpack better than an ordinary bag? The backpack distributes the weight to be carried evenly on the back. In the case of a bag, the burden is too one-sided. The two shoulder straps, on the other hand, allow symmetrical loading so that you do not suffer any postural damage from carrying. As soon as the weight puts more strain on one side while carrying a bag, the movement goes crooked, which puts an incorrect strain on the musculoskeletal system. The backpack is the more ergonomic solution when transporting weights over longer distances.

4. Ergobag Satch Pack Backpack for girls and boys with a 30 liter volume

We present the Satch model from Ergobag, which is intended for girls and boys. The school backpack is intended for secondary school – from the 5th grade – and is suitable for children and young people between 1.40 and 1.80 meters tall. The backpack has a total volume of around 30 liters.

This volume is divided into the following compartments:

  • Two large main compartments
  • An organizer pocket on the front
  • One pocket on the front
  • Two flexible mesh side pockets for drinking bottles with a capacity of up to 1 liter

The carrying system, which comes from mountain sports, is characteristic of this backpack. This distributes the weight of the backpack as best as possible over the body. This is done by the height-adjustable chest strap, the wide, removable hip belt, the stable aluminum rails and the stepless back length adjustment. At the top there is a padded handle that makes lifting the backpack easier. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the backpack supports an upright posture and thus contributes to maintaining good health. Thanks to the well-thought-out ergonomic ergonomic concept, the school backpack simply grows with the school child.

This model is made of durable, water-repellent PET bottle recycled polyester. Thanks to the reinforced trunk, a stable stand on the ground is possible. The material protects the contents from short, light rain showers or splash water. To ensure the safety of children on the road, the backpack has special reflective surfaces on the front and back. The reflectors reflect the incident light and the backpack carrier is more noticeable for other road users. The Satch backpack combines the features of modern trekking backpacks with everything that a school backpack has to do.

Which backpack type is the right one for me? That depends primarily on your plan. For example, you should choose a photo rucksack to transport photo equipment, whereas a city rucksack is a good choice for everyday life. There are also special backpacks for longer tours in the mountains or for cycling trips.

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