10 Best Treadmills for Sale – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2018

If there is anything I know, and most of the readers will agree with me, it is keeping fit and staying healthy, but this could be a bit hard to keep up, especially if you have tight work schedules on a daily basis. A simple way to overcome this challenge would be for you to get your hands on one of the perfect treadmills for sale in the market elegantly mounted right where you want it.
It is hard enough having to meet up with all the appointments you have in a day thus scheduling a few hours to hit the gym might not always be possible. Even at times when you think you have a free day or two to sort out personal things, you find yourself caught up with running small errands for yourself and others, doing home chores such as your laundry, or spending time with family and friends. So there simply isn’t any time of the day you could go for a real jog, run, or walk. Many of you might fall into the category of those in need of a best treadmills for your gym or office; however, you should have a very hard time in finding the right treadmills on sale. Of course, not everyone is expected to be a guru in the selection of such machinery, that’s why we have done research for you and after reading our treadmills reviews you will have a little knowledge of what to expect and what not to.

Best Treadmills for Sale Comparison Table

NameWeight CapacityTreadmill WeightList PriceSale PriceDimensions
Manual Treadmill with 2 Level Incline & Twin Flywheels230 lbs.49 Pounds$116.00 $94.9947 x 23 x 51 inch
Cross Training Magnetic Treadmill220 lbs69.5 Lbs$165.99$119.9954 x 36 x 52 inches
Affordable T20 Walking Treadmill220 lbs90.4 Pounds$237.46 $191.7154.1 x 28.7 x 44.5 inch
Easy Assembly Folding Electric Treadmill220 lbs 60 Pounds$259.94$199.99 25 x 45 x 58 inch
Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill220 lbs103 Lbs$410.00 $369.9977 x 35 x 56 inch
Electric Foldable Treadmill with Computer Workout Goal Setting250 lbs129 Lbs$499.00 $388.5662 x 29.5 x 50.5 inch
ProForm CST Treadmill325 lbs102 Pounds$999.00 $599.98 77 x 30 x 11 inch
Folding Electric Treadmill with Inclines Motorized Running Machine220 lbs128 Pounds$600$55061.8 x 22 x 54 inch
Rebel 1000 Under Desk Treadmill250 lbs88 pounds$999$69963 x 24 inch
Nautilus Treadmill300 lbs200 Lbs$1,499.00 $856.09 72.2 x 35.2 x 57.6 inch

What is a Treadmill?

In the past, the word treadmill was interchangeably used with the word tread wheel. A treadmill is a device or machinery that allows you literally tread along on it while keeping you on the spot. Alternatively, a treadmill can be said to be a type of exercise machine that allows you to jog, run, or walk on it while on a spot. In the fitness world, it is the fastest and most sold sports equipment of all sports equipment and devices. Our primary priority today would be to help you find the best treadmills and show you what to look out for before and during you purchase.

Things to Consider before Purchasing Treadmills?

Size of the Treadmill:

Deciding what size of treadmill you need is a major step towards getting the treadmill, you do not want to run the risk of putting your treadmill in a space that is confined, or that can cause restriction of use. You should have a measurement of the area you want to place it, both vertically and horizontally giving room for enough allowance in case of eventualities; you can then use this in comparison with the treadmill sizes available for purchase. Also consider if you will need a foldable or a non-foldable treadmill, if you do go for a foldable treadmill then you should have a storage space that can conveniently accommodate your treadmill when not in use, and a non-foldable treadmill will need a permanent mounting area.

Accessories and Features:

Take note of the features and accessories which are offered in a treadmill and decide if it fits your requirements. Some important features which can be found in a treadmill should include but are not limited to the belt, size, incline, sensors, and panels. These features are generally part of any treadmill, but they could differ or vary depending on the kind you require. Some accessories can also be attached after the treadmill has been purchased, but it is wise and advisable to take a mental note of what you expect or would like to have present in your treadmill of choice.


Maintaining your treadmill goes a long way in determining just how well it serves you. There are a lot of maintenance patterns you can draw up to have your device work efficiently for you. You could come up with a daily, weekly, monthly or an extensive yearly maintenance plan. You can choose a plan that balances well with your schedule; this makes the maintenance of your treadmill convenient and easier. Find out if there are any maintenance options and procedures particular to the treadmill you want to get and work out a doable plan to achieve it bearing in mind that it shouldn’t be too hectic or time-consuming.

Your Weight:

Most treadmills have the maximum weight they can accommodate while in use, so you should also inquire about such information like what the maximum carry weight on it should be. If you are not sure of the exact weight of all the people that will eventually make use of the treadmill, then you should go for one with an extensive and accommodating limit or one that has general weight specifications which are expected to be well detailed by the manufacturers of the treadmill. If the use of the treadmill is limited to just you, then you can use your weight as a fundamental determinant. Putting this factor into consideration helps you avoid dangers associated with exceeding weight limits and as such, serious injuries.


This is a factor that relates to any other thing you will consider while going for your treadmill on the long run. You should decide why you need a treadmill; ask yourself if it is for commercial or for family use, is it targeted towards rapid weight loss or just for general fitness. Answering these questions will help you avoid getting confused after reviewing all the treadmills available for purchase. This will also help you cut out a reasonable budget for your treadmill. If you plan on engaging in long hours of jogging and running on a regular basis, then you should go for a treadmill that fits such needs regarding durability and stability.

Treadmills Reviews

Manual Treadmill with 2 Level Incline & Twin Flywheels

Manual Treadmill with 2 Level Incline & Twin Flywheels-min-minThe latest addition to the treadmill family comes with a belt size of 43” x 13 ¼” that has the capability to support as high as 230 lbs of user weight and has a durable steel frame with a coating of sophisticated powder finish. Its compact design, no utilization of electric power, and easy maintenance makes it a no. 1 choice for most treadmill users. Incline adjustments are easy to operate and feature 2 incline levels at 6 and 10 degrees to meet your requirements to the fullest. It has a set of cast iron flywheels for a convenient and enjoyable walking experience. To give a complete overview of your daily exercises, an LCD display indicates the time and the distance covered, calories lost and speed. Some additional features worth noting are its extra long handles with foam grip, easy fold up and transportation wheels which makes it one of the best treadmill under $100.

Cross Training Magnetic Treadmill

Cross Training Magnetic TreadmillA recommended choice of many fitness experts, this treadmill with a running surface of 4.5”x 13.5” allows a maximum user weight of 220 lbs and displays a complete evaluation of performance on its monitor including time, distance, speed, burnt calories, scan and also pulse. Its featured innovative pulse grips retain your heart rate at the target level to achieve faster weight loss. You can change the intensity and the pattern of your workout whenever you want with its adjustable resistance knobs. While most treadmills for sale focus on the lower body workout, this one-of-a-kind treadmill features swing levers to provide resistance to the arms and shoulders for a convenient upper body workout as well. It offers a comparatively low incline as compared to most manual walkers to prevent you from overworking your ankle and leg muscles. If you are looking for an effective fitness experience and a treadmill that is full of quality features and class, it is definitely a perfect choice.

Affordable T20 Walking Treadmill

Affordable T20 Walking TreadmillAnother favorite of many treadmills users, 02 Force T20 is one of the best treadmills for lower body workout. It features a 5 inch LCD monitor to allow you to keep a track of your speed, distance, time and calories lost. It features a powerful 1.5HP DC motor along with touch speed buttons to provide speed adjustability with a maximum of up to 6.5 mph. its foldable design and transportation wheels make it easy to transport and store. Its strong and durable body can accommodate a user weight capacity of up to 220 lbs. If you are looking for a high performance treadmill to fulfill your fitness requirements that also offers a stylish design that would look great in your room or office, this is it!

Easy Assembly Folding Electric Treadmill

Easy Assembly Folding Electric TreadmillThis treadmill is currently one of the best selling treadmills in the market today with its stylish modern design and convenience of use. It is the perfect size uniquely designed for use at home or office with a running surface of 14” x 44”. Its foldable design and roller wheels on the base allow you to easily fold it and store it when not in use. An LCD display allows you to constantly monitor your time, distance, speed, calories burnt and heart rate in order to motivate you to perform better. One of the distinguishing features is its pre-set training programs to choose between high and low intensity workout recovery periods. Taking your safety in account, the manufacturer has included an emergency stop button to prevent any mishaps. Cushioning along the length of its deck help your muscles recover faster from even the highest intensity workouts.

Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness TreadmillThis treadmill is support by a powerful 2.2 HP motor that drives this impressive and elegant piece of machinery. With an extra wide running surface of 48.82” x 15.75” and product weight of only 220 lbs; it is safe, lightweight and easy to install wherever you need it. A unique pause button is present in an easily accessible location to pause your run whenever you want to without losing your recorded running stats. You have the option to increase or decrease the intensity of your workout and try out different challenges by adjusting the speed from 0.5 to 9 mph and adjusting the inclination to any of the 3 available angles, 0ᵒ, 2ᵒ and 4.37ᵒ. You can also select from its 9 different pre-set training programs available on the LCD display console. Overall, we have found that if you have a tight budget but are looking for a quality treadmill with all the attractive features, there is no better option in this price.

Electric Foldable Treadmill with Computer Workout Goal Setting

Electric Foldable Treadmill with Computer Workout Goal SettingDesigned for a wider range of users, this unique treadmill supports up to a maximum of 250 lbs of user weight. With its 12 pre-designed workout programs in addition to 3 goal setting programs it provides a versatile running experience suitable for both amateurs and professional users. Its wide running surface of 51” by 17” along with a cushioned deck to provide shock absorption adds to providing you a safe and comfortable workout experience. Some distinctive features include hand pulse sensors to monitor your heart rate, speed adjustments to a maximum of 8 mph, presence of speed control and start/stop buttons on the handle bars for easy accessibility and dual stereo speakers along with a USB port to give you a memorable and enjoyable workout experience.  If you take your fitness practices seriously and do not compromise on quality or brand, this is a perfect choice for you.

ProForm CST Treadmill

ProForm CST TreadmillCombine with all the latest technology functions this treadmills on sale features a strong 2.5 chp Mach Z motor to offer the user with an adjustable 0 to 10% incline and speed adjustments from 0 to a maximum of 10 mph. In addition to this, its extra wide 20” x 55” running belt with unique ProShox cushioning technology to provide a safe workout, an extensive 325lb weight capacity and 18 workout applications unlike any other treadmill in this price range make it a commercial level treadmill for serious buyers. A wide LCD display will display all the essential variables during your exercise such as speed, time and distance. You can also keep a track of your heart rate with the eKG heart rate monitor. To ensure that you have a wonderful training time, the manufacturer has incorporated a music port in the design that is compatible with ipod.

Folding Electric Treadmill with Inclines Motorized Running Machine

Easy Assembly Folding Electric Home TreadmillPacked with a variety of extra features along with offering a durable and stylish built, Lontek Electric treadmill is a real treat for avid fitness trainers. It features a 16.5” x 48.5” tread along with a quite motor to give a smooth running and walking experience. A wide digital display allows you to keep an eye on all the necessary data while exercising: time, mileage, speed, heart rate and calories burnt. With extra cushioning along the length of the deck, you will be able to experience a smooth workout and faster recovery of your muscles and joints. 12 unique workout programs will ensure that you are constantly facing new challenges and enhancing your physical stamina. Its distinctive soft drop system helps you unfold the machine safely and easily. With this one of the best treadmills in the market, you also have the option of adjusting the inclination manually at 3 different levels at 0%, 3% and 5%.

Rebel 1000 Under Desk Treadmill

Rebel 1000 Under Desk TreadmillWith its innovative user-friendly design, Rebel Treadmill goes the extra mile to bring to you a slim and stylish design that would suit perfectly in an office surrounding without taking up much space with an ultra quite motor to allow you to use it without disturbing others around you. It really is a treadmill base that fits easily under any standing desk to allow you to walk while you work. In compliance with its purpose (walk and work simultaneously) it offers a speed range of 0.5 to 2 mph to allow you to work comfortably without tiring yourself. Transportation wheels in the front of the treadmill allow you to transport it easily wherever you want to use it. Weighing only 88 lbs, this treadmill is light weight, easy to setup, affordable and with a performance like none other.

Nautilus Treadmill

Nautilus TreadmillBeing one of our top picks, Nautilus T614 includes all the necessary features to accomplish your fitness goals for example speed adjustability from 0 to 12 mph, inclination adjustability from 0ᵒ to 12ᵒ, 2.75 CPH motor, an extra wide 20” x 50” running belt, 22 unique training programs, 2 user profiles and much more.  Large rollers below the running surface ensure a quiet and comfortable running experience. Additionally, the machine includes top quality acoustic chambered speakers to play your favorite songs with enhanced sound quality. It comes with a SoftDrop folding system and wheels to allow easy folding and transport whenever and wherever you need it. Even when running with intensive workout programs, the machine makes sure that you do not feel any discomfort with its 3 speed fan to keep you cool. If you are looking for a versatile piece of equipment from a reputable treadmill manufacturer, this is the one for you.


Amongst the core values of a trampoline, there are some that stand out; it is a simple machine to operate, it helps you keep fit in terms of exercising, some treadmills even assist you to schedule your workout plans and are very easy to maintain. They consume little space compared to some other sports equipment; you can place it anywhere you like with no special arrangements or fixtures required, and some are easily movable.

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